Neuroscience Educational Seminars, Research Consulting and Coaching
by Maryam Torbati, Ph.D.


Our seminars are designed to teach all types of educators and participants through latest research in the field of education and educational psychology.

  • Seminars could be designed and tailored to individual educational institution’s needs, and will help teachers to reach their optimal teaching potentials.
  • Our seminars and can be as long as a whole day or as brief as 90 minutes.
  • Dr. Torbati is also available for consultation and coaching.
Break the pattern,
change the perception, and
believe in the possibilities.


"“Recognition is the best motivation."

- Albert Einstein

How the brain learns, remembers & retrieves:

  • Multiple Intelligences Model
  • Brain Base Learning
  • Brain Compatible Teaching
  • Constructivist Model
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Whole-Brain Learning Model
  • Principles of Meta-cognition
  • Mindfulness
  • Empowerment through culture of visual thinking
  • Common Core Strategies

The promise of this field is:

  • Everyone can learn
  • Everyone is intelligent
  • Everyone learns differently
  • Every teacher can teach
  • Every teacher can reach everyone
  • And no one would be left behind
Four Principles of Maryam Torbati | Brain Unlimited Pro:
  1. Respect for the Learner and the way they learn.
  2. Thinking out of the traditional box.
  3. Instructional delivery in multitude of intelligences / Differentiate Instruction
  4. Teachers as facilitators and learners as researchers.

The kind person is strong.
The nice person is weak.

The kind person is selfless.
The nice person is selfish.

The kind person feels empathy.
The nice person is narcissistic.

The kind person is happy.
The nice person does not know happiness.

The core of a “kind person” is love.
The core of a “nice person” is fear.

- Harvard University

The Brain Dance

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